My Observation Of A 10 Year Old Girl Named Kassie

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For this observation paper, I will go in depth into my observation of a 10-year-old girl named Kassie. Kassie is in 5th grade, and is the youngest of two children. She has one older brother that is two years older, and two very loving and involved parents. In this paper, I will discuss the attributes and characteristics that I observed while watching and spending time with Kassie. Starting with motor development skills, it was very prominent how active Kassie was. The results of this were obvious, because Kassie’s stature and build is athletic. She is a healthy weight with lean muscle, especially in her calves, thighs, and arms. Kassie seemed to be very coordinated for her age. This was demonstrated to me by observing her kick a soccer ball, jump on the trampoline and play jump rope with her peers. While observing Kassie and three other children her age kick a soccer ball, I noticed that Kassie was quicker than the others, as well as more agile. She would make rapid movements while maintaining her footing and balance. This was also true for the trampoline and jump rope. I noticed that Kassie had an easy time making friends, and was well liked among her peers. She was often the leader, and this made her seem quite popular with the other children. It seemed to me that more children are shy and prefer to be the follower, as opposed to the one calling the shots. However, Kassie was the complete opposite. Onto her cognitive development, I thought she seemed to lack a little. She

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