My Observation Of Carrie Henderson

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While on patrol, I observed a silver passenger car traveling on Aster Ave with an expired tag as of 2015. I performed a traffic stop on the vehicle, with the final being in front of 516 Hubbard Street. I asked the driver, Carrie Henderson, for her drivers license. Henderson then advised that she didn’t have one .Henderson also advised that her license was suspended. Upon my first approach, I then smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her expelled breath. I then observed a open beer can and a cup of liquor sitting in the cup holder. Henderson did state that she had drunk 5 beers earlier. I asked Henderson to perform the following test: HGN, Walk & Turn, One Leg Stand and Finger Count Test. Henderson stated that she did have medical problems but she was not physically…show more content…
I directed Henderson to place her right foot in front of her left and keep her hand by her side while I demonstrate. Henderson was unable to keep balance without swaying. Henderson was then asked to stop before she hurt herelf. I demonstrated five times how to do the test and Henderson still had difficulties following instructions. Henderson also started the test without being promt to do so. Henderson was then asked to perform the One Leg Stand test. Hederson was unable to lift her feet off the ground completely and unable to follow instructions. Henderson foot hit the ground 5 times in a 15 sec period. Henderson didn’t count out loud, as demonstrated. Henderson was also using her hands to balance herself and was still unable to do the test. Henderson was then demonstrated how to do the Finger Count Test. I directed Henderson to hold her hands out and count on her fingers. I direct Henderson to count out loud 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1 starting with her index finger. Henderson was unable to count out loud and was also not making proper contact with each finger. Henderson also continued to count to 9, on 4
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