My Observation Of Children During Family Settings

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Family Demographics For my observation of children in family settings, I observed my nephew Maison inside his home. This observation occurred on October 24, 2015 from 6:00-8:30. This observation took place in their home on a school day so no major activities in the home were going on at this time. It was an average day for the family where the children were picked up from after school daycare due to the fact that both parents are working. During the observation, Maison’s entire family was home. These included his mother, father and sister. The mother, Frances is 29 years old, Hispanic, and speaks both English and Spanish. The father, Frank is 34 years old, Hispanic, and primarily speaks Spanish. Their daughter, Melody is 8 years old, Hispanic, and speaks English but understands Spanish. Maison is 2.5 years old and Hispanic. His temperament is a mix of difficult and easy. Frances holds an authoritative parenting style and sets rules in place for her kids. Frank holds a permissive parenting style and usually defaults to whatever rules Frances sets when it comes to the kids. Child’s Behavior & Development in the Family Observing Maison inside his home, I primarily see a healthy young boy. He is a small boy for his age at 2 feet 4 inches and 29 pounds but that does not stop him. He runs around the house and has nonstop energy like other kids his age. He has also developed gross motor skills like walking up stairs and throwing a ball. His fine motor skills are also developing.
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