My Observation Of My Preschool Observation

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The purpose of my “Preschool Observation” is to observe the behavior of a three year old toddler in a head start school setting. The child’s name is Adam Johnson, he is three years old, I do not know the child. I knew that if I did not know the child it would be a better observation. My purpose is to objectively observe the two year old toddler without bias responses of my observation in full descriptive details. My observation of the three year old preschool is to explain the domains of development and how these domains intersect with one another as the child grows. There are six developmental domains in early childhood development; which are physical, language, aesthetic, cognitive, emotional, and social domains.
I chose a group of preschool children that ages range from three to five. I chose a little boy named Adam who is the age of three years old. Adam attends head start, which he has attended the school since six months of age. The observation takes place in the classroom; which also has a playroom sectioned off with a half wall for the preschoolers. The colorful room consists of space subdivided into play areas to manipulate, explore, snuggle, and play with, share, and interest areas for differing purposes such as learning according to the appropriate age. One part of the room is set up for dramatic play with a doll house, child-sized furniture such as chairs, couches, and block seats arranged on an area rug with bright colors. The dramatic play area is a cabinet,
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