My Observation Of Someone 's Listening Skills Essay

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Section 1 - My Observation of Someone 's Listening Skills I observed two individuals who were conversing about a business project they were working on. One appeared to be a project manager of sorts and the other was a developer for the project.The first thing I noticed was how attentively they both were to each other. You could tell they were fully concentrated on the communication at hand. Both individuals were leaned towards each other and one was taking notes of what was being discussed. Although the notes could be viewed as a distraction, the manager was patient and eased the conversation to allow him to document whatever was important. I was impressed by how casual the conversation appeared to be, even though it was evident that the communication had a level of seriousness. I thought both members were very patient in letting the other speak without interruption, all while giving constant feedback with head nods. Occasionally, one member would point to something on a screen and ask a question, indicating he was asking clarifying questions to help better his understanding. Even his body language made it clear he was interested in the content of the communication. Overall, these two people seemed to be communicating very effectively, followed “The Ten Commandments” well, and appeared to have reached a successful outcome accordingly.

Section 2 - My Critique of My Listening Skills and How I Can Improve My Listening Skills Prior to watching these videos, I was not
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