My Observation On An Outpatient Health Service Agency

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I completed my participation observation on an outpatient behavioral health service agency called North Central Behavior Health Systems (NCBHS) that is located in LaSalle, Illinois. The reason why I chose the NCBHS agency center is because I have heard of the services provided to the local and neighboring communities. I currently work in an inpatient behavioral health unit. Our patients are discharged with a treatment plan that includes follow-up appointments with outpatient service centers such as NCBHS. Since many of my patients are discharged from my unit with follow-up at NCBHS, I decided to further my knowledge on this outpatient service agency. Personal Interview: I conducted a personal interview with a social worker at NCBHS,…show more content…
According to Farrell, NCBHS has been in service for over 40 years; this was after a woman named Mary, who rented out rooms to individuals with mental health issues (personal communication, 2016). It was after Mary received the approval from the state, that she was able to open this agency. From that, the NCBHS began to expand in many other neighboring areas such as Bureau County, Marshall County, Putnam County, among others. Farrell also explained that the decrease in funding is affecting and decreasing staff positions and state payments on behalf of clients who are in need of behavioral health treatment (D. Farrell, personal communication, February 24, 2016). Moreover, according to Farrell, NCBHS is an agency that provides services to children, adults and families with mental health and substance abuse issues who need education and counseling (Personal Communication, February 24, 2016). She further explained that NCBHS’s team of psychiatrists, counselors, social workers and mental health nurses offer a supportive and caring treatment processes to achieve a well-rounded recovery. These services are provided in the form of interventions, group, and one to one therapy programs as well as online therapy (D. Farrell, Personal Communication, February 24, 2016). NCBHS also offers their client’s permanent supported housing—a program to teach individuals with mental health issues to learn to live
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