My Observation Project Is A Model Of Professional Development

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My observation project was conducted in a sixth grade social studies/science classroom in which my master teacher taught three different sections of science on Monday and Friday and social studies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In his classroom, there were no individual desks, only 8 circular tables in which students gathered in groups of four to work collaboratively as well as completed individual assignments. Well lit, clean and decorated with bright colors and inspiring messages, the classroom evoked positive energy to match my master teacher’s personality.
Question #1 The most effective learning activity I observed thus far in my sixth grade class was a geography/social studies lesson spanning an entire week that utilized Guided Learning Acquisition Development (GLAD) strategies. GLAD is a model of professional development that helps teachers by providing different strategies of instruction in English geared toward classrooms with ELLs in a multicultural setting. The goal of the lesson was to introduce early hominid evolution through approximately 20-30 minutes of pictorial input each day. Starting on Monday, my master teacher introduced the lesson with a KWL T-chart asking the student what they thought they knew about human evolution and what they wanted to know. By doing so, he was testing the students’ cognitive knowledge without his influence, and therefore assessing their Zone of Proximal Development as defined by Vygotsky. He also helped create
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