My Observation : Williamsburg Montessori School

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Conducting Field Observations was a wonderful opportunity for me. The school at which I did my observation is Williamsburg Montessori School (WMS). Located in the beautiful riverfront school building at Schaefer Landing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Williamsburg Montessori School serves parents of children from three (3) months to six (6) years of age. The neighborhood in which the school is located is very quiet and is populated by a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds, Black, White, Asian, etc. Across from the school, constructors could be seen working on new buildings, in addition to the already established condominiums that dominate the community. There were people walking about their business. Others walked their pets while some cycled back and forth pass the school. Williamsburg Montessori School, being a private institution, is not listed on the NYSED website; therefore, there is no available school report card. Being as the neighborhood has a lot of private schools, it was difficult to obtain records of the schools in the community. However, from speaking to the head of the school, I learned that the total population is 100 students and the range of average class size is generally 12 to 15 students, depending on the classroom. There were 12 students in the room I did my observation. I was told that WMS welcomes students of all needs, races, gender, religions, and ethnicities. This was made evident by the fact that the classroom was quite diverse,

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