My Observation With The Respiratory Therapist

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I didn’t know what to expect with my observation with the respiratory therapist. All what I knew about them was they floated around and gave patients aerosol breathing treatments. I learned that a respiratory therapist does a lot more than that. They have access to the Pixis, and are able to give patients any type of respiratory medication. They teach patients how to correctly use inhalers. They educate their patients on way they have to do breathing treatments, or why they have to take certain respiratory medications. They also do an examination to find out what type of breathing treatment or oxygen device is needed to help a patient get the oxygen they need, or help with expanding their lungs, etc My day started off pretty well. I am familiar with 3C because my mom is a nurse on that floor. I found the respiratory therapists’ lounge without a problem. I walked in with one of the respiratory therapists and she told me that they all were expecting me, and thanked me for coming on time. I sat in on their meeting, which they do every morning at the beginning of their shift. In the meeting, they went over hospital regulations and reminders on how to use certain devices correctly so there are no errors. Also, they went over hand hygiene. Over all, the respiratory therapists averaged to a 95% of washing their hands in and out of a patient’s room. The manager stated that some of them were only at 50% though. Honestly, that grossed me out. I am a germaphobe. I always have been
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