My Observations On Children And Adults

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I thoroughly enjoyed doing my observations with the many children and adults I got to see. This was one of my favorite parts of this semester I am looking forward to the future! In my observations I got to see 18 children and two adults one of which I went to see two times and compared my experiences. I really enjoyed seeing both children and adults and in the future I hope to work with children but during my observations I particularly enjoyed observing one of the adults. One of the adults I worked with was Ben. Ben has severe apraxia, started speaking around the age of seven, and he is 23 years old. Some of the different exercises Ben did while I was there were matching with flash cards, he was given a pile of flashcards with labels on them and correlating pictures were spread out in front of him and he was asked to find the weights, so he had to find the picture which had the weights on it and so on. He also did an expressive drill for articulation. I noticed when he said one of his words ‘inventory’ he added an “a” at the end of it so it would be ‘inventorya’. The next thing Ben did was read books made by his Speech Language Pathologist from an app called Pictello. These books were made for him and they told about each of his jobs and what he did at those jobs. Ben has many jobs currently and has had a few different jobs in the past also. He works at the high school he attended and that is where I got to observe Ben also. Some of his jobs at the school include: washing
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