My Observations of Parenting

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My first observation was located in the Target grocery area in Camarillo on Monday February 24, 2014 at 3:45 pm. I observed a family of four consisting of Person #1 Man (30-35 years) Person #2 Woman (30-35 years) Person #3 Boy (5-6 years) Person #4 Girl (3 years). The father was pushing a basket with the 3-year-old little girl in it and the boy was walking around with his mother as she shopped. I chose authoritative style parenting in this observation. Authoritative parenting style is characterized as high in control and high in warmth and with this style parenting the parents have rules and guidelines that they expect to be followed but are reasonable and willing to negotiate with their children and makes modifications if appropriate and reasonable for both the parents and children. Authoritative parenting goals are to have mutual respect and trust as well as, for their children to develop into productive and responsible individuals. I also chose dual parenting in this observations the father was present. I witnessed that the father was taking an active role and contributing in whatever the setting was (Bigner & Gerhardt 2014). I rated the interaction on affection a 2 due to the father showing his affection to his little girl. My first observation on parenting behavior I watched the father show affection to his little girl by way of smiling at her and kissing her on her head. The little girl was sitting in the shopping basket and was singing quietly to herself
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