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My on-the-job training experienced is very happy. I’m very happy because that is myfirst time to travel on board by the different part of the Philippines, also my first time to rode on the big ship like 2Go Travel. At first, I felt so nervous because I don’t know what is the feeling when you are in the ship, but when the day passing by I’ve never felt that the ship is passing by the ocean. Our first day in the ship is just an orientation and familiarization about the ship. Our Shipboard Training Officer (STO) are Ma’am Michelle Onanad and Ma’am MJ. They taught us the different part of the ship and their functions. They taught us about the history, mission and vision of the company, corporate values, vessels, facilities and …show more content…
Use blue cloth or sponge to rinse, and for the dust from the top first to the bottom, then dry the surface and last finish up, no stains/dust on the surface. Fifth day is on the Front Office Department. Front Office Department is the hub of all passenger services on board vessels. It is responsible in providing timely, relevant, prompt and efficient assistance to the passengers. As we, the Front Office trainee, we are all responsible in providing the prompt and professional service to the passengers, officers and crew. Always responsible in excellent customer service, facilitate registration and rooming-in of guest, handle guest’s request and inquiries, assist in the in-house entertainment se4rvices and clean and organize the Front Office. They also taught us the check-in process. First is to great the guest, always smile, be professional and polite. Second is to check the guest’s name on the ticket. Third is to exchange the cabin key for the guest and thank the guest. Fifth is endorse guest cabin attendant and lastly is ask confirmation questions like guest’s company name before returning ID. About check-out process, also great guest, second is to update cabin plan, third is to return the guest’s ID in exchange for cabin key and always thank the guest. Our 6th duty is on first Class Dining Saloon or Horizon Restaurant. We need to apply here customer service skills,

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