My Old Battalion Commander, Brigadier General ( Bg )

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I have chosen to write about my old Battalion Commander, Brigadier General(BG) Peter Jones. The then Lieutenant Colonel(LTC) Jones oversaw my Infantry Battalion when I deployed to Ramadi, Iraq. He displayed numerous attributes that I model my military career from; he had an unwavering presence and strong intellect. His competence was also the highest that I have ever encountered in my military career; he was a lead from the front type of leader and strove to achieve nothing but success whilst keeping the soldiers in his command in the front of his mind. I have set my standards of leadership off BG Jones and that is why he is my personal leader of influence. I will outline some examples of him throughout this paper. BG Jones has an…show more content…
There were numerous times were people would try and pressure him into a decision by noting there was no time for indecision. He could keep his calm, cool manner and think a situation through before reacting. I think that being able to think things through no matter the situation speaks volumes to what a leader needs to be. He also showed that not every situation needed to be thought out at that time. He was known to have thought of contingency plans prior to actions as to cut out reaction time needed due to him thinking it through before implementation and able to switch tactics on the fly. He showed this attribute multiple times but one example sticks out in my mind’s eye. We had set up a forward position in Ramadi in what we thought was a hostile minimal area. Once we had set up our hasty area for command and control of an impending raid we came under small arms fire and a mortar attack. He had set up sectors of fire and counter fire areas before we had set up even though we were told numerous times that it was not needed. Due to his intellect, he had taken it into advisement but had planned on it not being as such and we were able to respond in kind and repel any such attack. I learned from him that no matter what happens you need to think things through and show a strong intellect so your soldiers are confident in your decisions and believe in you. BG Jones was a lead from the front style of leader. He would not sit idly by while his

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