My One Piece Of Media Is A Song By Beyonce

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Sociologists can analyze the most important aspects of life such as, love, romance, intimacy, marriage and family. My one piece of media is a song by Beyoncé called “Cater 2 U.” The song is about letting your man know that you appreciate his hard work and showing that it is the women’s job is to temporarily take the stress away. Heterosexual imaginary of appreciation is viewed in the song “Cater 2 U” by the emphasis on feeding the man. The heterosexual imaginary about relationships focus on pleasing a man by cooking dinner. Stevi Jackson a sociologist states, Heteronormativity standardizes gender performances and expands outside of just the assumption that everyone is heterosexual. Heteronormativity gives a standard for what’s expected for a certain gender. The social structure of gender is constructed through women who cannot cook are viewed as undesirable to men. Also, women who do not keep themselves looking attractive for a man, society views that as deal breaker for why a man would leave you. An example from the song Cater 2 U, “I’ll keep it tight, I 'll keep my figure right I 'll keep, My Hair Fixed,” ” this exactly shows us a glimpse of the heterosexual imaginary of women. These things are what women perceive as what a relationship should be. Most men are not viewed as this shallow, when it comes to what they want it is pretty simple. Some women cannot see because of all these social norms, The social structure of race in the terms of minorities usually will say
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