My Online Experience Essay

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My Online Experience

Being a college student, it is important that one learns to become computer literate. Although I have had the opportunity to go on the Internet, I have never had the opportunity to go beyond doing research, or finding information simply for pleasure. Up to this day, I had not entered the intriguing world of the online communities, and what they can offer. I really did not know much about chat rooms nor had the interested in finding out. From hearing on the news what takes place in the chat rooms, I have had a very narrow perspective on chat rooms and what goes on in them. The reasons, I figured people explored the chat rooms was for friendship, romance, or excitement. In which case, I did not need from a
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Being a child I did not understand why that had happened. I knew I changed the water a couple of times and also fed them. So what could have gone wrong? From that day on I decided I would never have any more fish. I was traumatized and never again wanted to be responsible for fishes. I felt that I had killed two fish and I was afraid of trying again.

Being that this assignment was to be an educational experience, I figured I would take advantage of learning about chat rooms and to learn a little on how to maintain a small aquarium. The search then began. Since I was not familiar on how to log on to chat rooms, or where to start, I began by searching my topic on the web. I found several web sites on the topic, but neither had connections to chat rooms. Finally, I came across a web site that has an archive on information about aquariums and also a link to a chat room. This web site called FINS provides a great amount of information for people who are in the hobby of keeping and maintaining an aquarium. The chat room itself vas very interesting. I had the opportunity to met two people (Neon and Barb). Both were very informative. They gave me some helpful information regarding the steps needed to start an aquarium and how to keep it healthy. For example how important it is to clean the gravel, and where to place the plastic plants. Also very important the process needed to clean the water. This chat room was very helpful in doing my

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