My Online Presence And Activities

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Part 1 - My online presence and activities: My online presence tends to vary from day to day, depending on my activities. However, I realised that I use many different websites more often than I think. To accurately estimate the time I spend on each program, I downloaded a mobile app that tracks app usage, as well as setting a timer each day on my computer. However, I found that I often have programs running in the background while I do other tasks and leave them on ‘standby’ during other tasks. This is important to note as although it does not take up a lot of my time, it is still open and I will reply if I receive messages on it. Facebook - used for socialising and some news/events. I had Facebook open for an average of eight hours a…show more content…
Search Engines - Mainly used for university work, I used Google an estimate of fifteen minutes each day, with no other engines being used. Google ties in with my personal email as Gmail is owned by Google, however, I do not leave this running in the background most of the time. Other Social Medias (Snapchat, Instagram) - These apps were used sparingly as a ‘time-killer’ whilst waiting for other things (or for entertainment in other situations). They were used for around ten minutes a day each. Gaming and Entertainment (Warframe, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Payday) - Entertainment in the form of games. I often play games to unwind, and use Discord to voice chat with my friends while doing so. I spent around one and a half hours each day playing video games, with the game and the friends I was communicating with changing each day. This varies depending on the day, my other commitments, and who is online to talk to. Facebook is a highly popular social media used to share photos, stories, and chat with friends. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, and the other chiefs of management are Sheryl Sandberg, Dave Wehner, Mike Schroepfer, and Chris Cox. Facebook is based and located in America. It is important to note that Facebook owns two other media companies - Whatsapp and Instagram - and a virtual reality company called Oculus. These programs and companies follow Facebook’s footsteps in terms and conditions and are heavily linked into Facebook itself when used.
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