My Only Friend In My Life

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Inside the high school, I walk to my first period class, geometry. The study of shapes, something I’ll never use in life. However long that life may be.
That’s when I see my only friend in the world after J died: Rachel Myers. Strange, considering she’s white and usually their “kind” don’t hang out with the colored folk. I walk up to her and tap her locker to get her attention. “What do you want, Marcus?” she asks, not even bothering to look at me. Yup, that’s how great of friends we are now. “What’s your problem? Daddy lower your allowance?” I shoot back. “Here’s the thing. We’re okay, you and me. But we’re not friends, not anymore, so stop acting like we are. I don't want to be seen with you. I’m not here to get the crap beaten out of me, so sorry, but screw off. ”
“Are you screwing with me? I’ve known you- and we’ve been friends- since 2nd effing grade!” The words go from a shout to a hushed whisper as I remember what happens to the kids who make too much noise. “And I’m cutting the friendship off,” she says like a bitch as she walks away from my life. I wrap my fingers around the cuff of her long sleeved shirt. “Ohhh no. Oh no you effing don’t. You don’t get to walk away from me. Not after all the crap we’ve been through.” My only arm ripped away from that traitor as my shirt is yanked back and I’m choked. An infamous voice booms from my attacker. “This faggot bothering you, Rachel?” I whip my head around. Gareth Crawley. Tall, white, athletic, rich: everything

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