My Opinion About The Video ' Assume Nothing '

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The video “assume nothing” was in my opinion a good choice to view in Soc 212. I think that this video was assigned for this class because it definitely fits with the name of this course “woman/men in a changing society”. This video showed not just biologically born females, but biologically born males that shared their stories and how they have changed the way that they identify themselves with a specific gender, as society changes and moves toward accepting that there is more than one gender. As well as, this video helped us see where we ourselves have focused on just two genders and put people into only feminine or masculine categories. I learned various things, primarily, different terms and definitions that I did not know existed. For example IA: which means he/she. Or even transition and Trans Man. I thought it was very interesting that they were able to find a word that they thought went along with their gender identity, without using words that have been in this culture attached to negative meanings. I know that I myself have different views and opinions. As I watched this video, different thoughts and questions came up that I had to try to answer. For example I believe probably like many, that if you want to know your sex, or how you are to act, look at “your package” per say. However, in the case of Mani Bruce and being intersex, it is hard to really know or understand a specific “Gender role”. or really, if you were intended to be a male or female. Especially,
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