My Opinion On Critical Thinking

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Attending this class was pretty nerve reacting, English is my worst subject and I tend not to do so well on it. I told myself that I need to get better at English because it matters and maybe one day I’ll make it my favorite subject. What I think of critical thinking still reminds the same, I believe that critical thinking is for someone to think outside the box. By thinking outside the box, it makes you be more open to new ideas and you’re not afraid of taking a risk. Also by making you seek to more information and the information you get helps you have a better understanding of the material. Critical thinking is very important to our society because every person uses critical thinking in every aspect of their life by thinking, writing, interacting with others, and reading etc. Taking this course made me become a better thinker. I’m more open to new ideas, sometimes our post will allow us to write our own opinions about religious beliefs. I would write positive responses about these religious beliefs even though I had to do some research about it. These post made me think more because before I never had this kind of mentality I was really stubborn, but now I’m not, I give everything a chance now. I feel good about myself when I give chances to new ideas and I’m glad I took this course. Another thing I learned is by reading every chapter of The Power of Critical thinking you learn so much. Every chapter, you learn something new and every week I would be so excited to
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