My Opinion On English 101

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English 101 has helped shape my writing in so many ways. I have grown and became more confident in the skills I portray. In-class workshops helped me to receive feedback and new ideas from my peers. My view of English has changed drastically for the best. Along with my writing skills my reading and critical thinking skills have also improved. I learned the importance of using ethos, pathos, and logos. Putting text in dialog has been a struggle for me in the past but I now have a better grasp on it after taking English 101. I’m happy I had to take English 101 because it has helped prepare for not only English 102 but my other classes as well. Making my paper ethical to everyone was a very important part of my writing. It was most important to make sure all of my quotes were cited correctly. Going along with that, it was important to not twist the authors words. It is wrong to try to take credit for someone else’s work. The audience to my writing could be so many different people so the language I use is a big deal. Certain words have different meanings and can be offensive if used incorrectly. In order to keep the papers ethical, it is important to choose every word with care.
The in-class workshops helped the most because I was able to get multiple different view points instead of just mine. When we work shopped my paper I was really nervous to hear what everyone had to say. After the class started to rip my paper apart, they began to point out all the areas that I did
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