My Opinion On My Critical Thinking Skills Essay

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Reflecting over the course, I see many errors that I made in writing papers. I gained strength in writing styles and learned many ways for a paper to be written. I have seen the importance in using my own words and the importance of rereading and checking my material before turning it in. I gained much knowledge on the different sorts of vocations in psychology, and sub careers. This course has set me up for the other courses that I will need to finish my degree. My critical thinking skills have been enhanced which has improved my thought process. The course was pretty much how I expected it to be. I knew what was expected of me and had excellent input on my strong points and weak areas. This orientation class is a wonderful way to enter in a Master’s program. At the point when beginning this course, my presumption was that it would have been about learning techniques and methodologies in psychology. I genuinely have never done so much research for one course before this class. I had not expected that. Through perusing research and posting my discussions or doing assignments on various research, I learned to utilize theories and organize my thinking. This course has challenged me to improve the way that I write After taking this course, I am prepared to face what the Master’s program entails. I can set goals and organize my time to work around my health and life. I can now find valuable, informative, peer reviewed, empirical material when writing papers or joining
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