My Opinion On Personal Experience

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Have you ever heard the quote: “Every book you’ve ever read is just a different combination of twenty six letters”? If so, then you know how astounding that realization can be. And even though it may be true in a sense, when a writer sits down to write, they aren’t just putting words on paper. They’re tapping into a unique part of their inner consciousness. They’re harnessing their imagination and personal experiences to breathe life into an entire world that they imagined and then assembled. That is a gift that not every writer is able to possess and it’s true what people say: if you aren’t feeling the emotions within your writing as you write, then chances are, the readers won’t be either. With that in mind, it’s understandable that empathy, inspiration, and the effort you put forth to connect with your readers, all contribute to how favorable of a writer you will be.
In my opinion, personal experience isn’t always necessary to be able to express certain emotions. Experiencing something first hand surely helps, although it’s possible to get your point across without it. The ability to empathize with others or to be able to imagine how one must feel will go a long way while writing. We’re all human and understand basic emotions such as contentment, grief, love, anger, so on and so forth. This mutual understanding between the reader and the writer will allow you to build on those emotions through words. Overall, I believe the purpose of writing is to convey an image that…
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