My Opinion On The Class Survey

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Data sets, surveys, and other such tools are the driving forces behind the organized chaos around us. Simply put, the ability to compare, contrast, analyze, and identify things across an endless sea of topics is made exponentially easier because of the data. Our class survey provides a glimpse at how our ideological, political, moral, and academic stance compares to one another, as well as allowing myself, and the rest of us as individuals to see our choices compiled for a deeper understanding of our survey selections. The class survey covered a wide array of topics from our college major choices, our plans for the future, moral topics, and political views. However, in my opinion, the general compilation of questions is centered on either our career or college choices, racial/moral perspectives, and ethical/political views and points. There are, of course, a few questions that are outliers, including the one asking about our age, the priority level we have set on having kids, getting married, and how we compare to past generations. However, all these questions were taken off a national survey, giving us a chance to see where we stand against the United States. As an illustration, our class, by a 52% majority, deem it a necessity to attend graduate school to achieve a career goal. Alongside that statistic, the greatest major numerically is nursing. Therefore, the combination of the two signifies that the greater percentage of our class plans to go to medical school. Of
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