My Opinion On The Philosophy Of Management

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To better understand how management can be applied in real life, I interviewed Ms. Nga Pham, who is a sales manager of a real estate company called NAMHOUSE. I met her in a summer course and became greatly impressed with her viewpoint of management. Although Nga does not have formal education and certificate in real estate, she is an expert in this field through multiple experiences and self-training. Her daily tasks often include coaching or instructing her subordinates and team members, delegating tasks for employees and building customer relationships. Before I was about to begin the interview, Nga asked me my opinion on the philosophy of management. Since I currently have no experience in the business, I answered from what I have…show more content…
Then, the leasing department, which understood customers’ current styles and preferences, would offer how to make the new house become a pleasant and practical option for customers. Accordingly, I realized the method of peer review can offer both managers and employees the diverse and objective perspectives from peers and through that they can learn from each other’s profession. When asked about a famous person who inspires her management style, Nga mentioned Brian Tracy, who is an inspirational speaker, author, and business coach on the subjects of professional development and training of individuals and organizations. Besides management skill, leadership skill is also one of the crucial attributes of an effective manager. The most interesting thing that I learned from the interview was when Nga concluded that a great manager is not necessarily best at everything but knows how to lead the people who are greater than him or her. In other words, a successful sales manager needs management skill to lead and provide guidance to team members while his or her subordinates are required to be specialized to particular types of professions. Nga’s viewpoint on management was very concise, simple, and straight to the point. She defined good management as often reflects the strong attachment and coordination of the corporate activities among individuals and departments to maintain harmony in the workplace as well as to guarantee the works performed
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