My Opinion on Medical Issues

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: I would not have a hard time working with a physician who is assisting suicide with a patient who is suffering from a terminal illness or going through pain and suffering. I believe this is morally acceptable for a physician to assist a patient with suicide because the patient just as well could commit suicide on his or her own. Physicians should be allowed to end the terminally ill by painless means, especially if the patient or the family requests it. Although, this does not go against the physician’s Hippocratic Oath because it states that they must care for matters of life and death, but it is within the power to a take a life with responsibility and awareness. However, it does state that physicians should not play God; again, this Oath is contradictory because how can you help end a life without playing God. Yet, how can you help end pain and suffering without any medical means? According to the code of ethics, the physician would be doing his duty by comforting the patient who is in extreme pain, by medical treatment or assisting suicide. I feel that assisted suicide should be utilized for individuals who have terminal illness and suffering from extreme pain, but only as last resort to all other failed attempts of possible treatment. I would rather see the physician end the patient’s misery rather having them suffer with debilitating effects for the rest of their illness, or dying alone without the help of the physician. 2. Abortion- How do you feel about
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