My Opinion on What Makes a Leader Essay

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Leadership Leadership is a role that a person will step up and take. Then again, not everyone can have leadership. In order to have leadership, you must act in certain ways to acquire the goal of leadership. Leadership is more than just leading people to achieve certain goals. It’s the way you approach the person you are trying to lead. Moreover, many people these days don’t think that having leadership is important, or they think having leadership just means to lead people. Well, they are wrong. Leadership is much more than being a leader. You can’t just decide one day that you want to have leadership. You need to give yourself time to have leadership. Leadership does not come in the blink of an eye. It takes time to attain…show more content…
A person that has leadership is always giving their best effort to anything they are doing. The leader always wants to be a good influence. A person with leadership is someone that a kid or grownup can look up to and say, “I want to follow in his/her path and I want to do the things they do.” If anyone is watching you they are going to try their best because they see you are giving one hundred percent. Whether people realize it or not that effort being put into what you are doing can really pay off. So the leader will show people that good work will pay off later in life. Now since you are trying to be a good role model to the people, don’t act inappropriately. Always pretend that someone is watching everything you do so always try your very best.
Foremost, you will have an untroublesome temper if you have leadership. If one person does something wrong; you need to be able to control it in a manageable way and not react without thinking. If someone’s temper is condensed and the person screams at anyone that does something wrong people won’t like you. They won’t respect you and they won’t listen to you. Show the kids that you can keep your temper controllable, and be a good role model. Set boundaries for the kids. Also, you need to be in control of situations. Don't, let situations get out of hand. You need to know when enough is enough. As long as you show people that you aren’t like that, respect will be shown. If people see that you can't say no
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