My Opportunities In Greek Life

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I have been very involved in the Gamma Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi since joining almost two years ago. For the past two semesters, I have served as the external social chairman for my chapter. For this position, I organized both on-campus and off-campus and was responsible for overseeing and allocating a $130,000 social budget. During my tenure as social chairman, I organized two out-of-state formals. This position has taught me valuable problem-solving skills, as well as the important of paying attention to detail. During a large social event, it was crucial to be prepared for any worse-case scenario. My experiences have forced me to stay calm under pressure and account for all aspects of an event. Academically, I have made Dean’s List several …show more content…

It may seem like that because the movies and news headlines around the Greek system focus on the extravagant parties that fraternities put on. However, Greek life goes way further. First and foremost, Greek life provides a brotherhood unlike any other. It is not uncommon for students to find their best friends through Greek life. Greek organizations foster community and create close bonds between people. Secondly, Greek life offers new opportunities for students. Getting involved with a position in a chapter could give valuable experience to a student as social chairman has given me. Positions can teach young men basic business practices such as coordination, planning, communication and even finance. Students can go past this and source their chapter alumni connections for even more opportunities. Many alumni stay close with their chapter long after they graduate. This shows the impact and attachment the Greek system can have on a student. Lastly, Greek life provides an atmosphere for a kid to grow into a young man. There are many life lessons and experiences that I have absorbed from my time in Greek life. I will carry some of these experiences with me my whole life. Greek life has also encouraged me to conquer new challenges and has helped me find myself in the chaotic environment of Los Angeles. Greek life is not just a bunch of partying, rather, it can serve as a second home for those

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