My Organization 's Customer Service Model

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While nursing leadership has championed enhancing the patient experience for a long time, there is now wide-spread interest in the topic driven by the recent decision to link hospital reimbursement to patient satisfaction performance. Despite investing in resources to improve the patient experience, many hospitals still struggle to achieve and sustain strong performance (OneSource, n.d.-a) Press Ganey found that hospitals that were doing well five years ago are doing well now, while lower performing hospitals are still performing low (Rau, 2015). In this post, I will discuss my organization’s customer service model, evaluate the effectiveness of customer satisfaction initiatives, describe the role of the manager and staff nurse in…show more content…
Leadership has implemented many standards and measures to improve the patient experience in the inpatient areas including, nurse manager rounding on all new patients, bedside shift report, communicating empathy, purposeful encounters (hourly rounding), and a quiet environment protocol for evening/night shifts. Because my unit is an ambulatory outpatient unit, our initiatives are different. Our intervention for enhanced patient experience involves greeting patients warmly upon arrival, create and maintaining a professional environment and ensuring positive and timely communication (OneSource, n.d.-b). My organization builds a culture of recognition to support the medical center’s mission and it is important in transforming us into a Workplace of Choice and a High-Performance Organization (OneSource, n.d.-d). There are several staff awards that recognize individual efforts. The internal reward programs are the BRAVO and DAISY awards. BRAVO is a program that staff can use to recognize each other’s efforts. The DAISY award recognizes excellence for nurses who treat patients and families with compassion, instill faith and hope and exceed expectations by anticipating and understanding patient needs. There are also external awards that staff nominate their peers for, including the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, the Mid-Ohio Nurses Association, March of Dimes and others Education for these initiatives consists of a one hour
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