My Original Definition Of Social Media Essay

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1. My original definition for antisemitism was: antisemitism is the conscience or unconscious hatred of a Jew or Jews, because of certain characteristics that the hater believes the Jew or all Jews possess by being Jewish. However, one thing that my original definition does not hint towards the wide spectrum of behaviors that are antisemitic. This is an advantage that your definition has. Your definition mentions a spectrum form “mildest expressions to exterminatory activities.” Your definition goes on to list different examples of antisemitic behavior. One category of behavior is not mentioned though, and that is the use of social media to do such things as cyber bullying. We talked some during the course about social media, especially at the end of the course when we discussed the six parentheses symbol. Perhaps a better definition of antisemitism could come about by combining our two definitions and making mention of social media. The new definition could be: antisemitism is defined as the conscience or unconscious hatred of Jews or Judaism from its “mildest” expressions to exterminatory activates. The activists include making jokes, cyberbullying, the destruction of religious objects, defacing synagogues, and murdering Jewish people. This new definition considers actions despite weather or not the hater is aware of them. For example, a person could have always been told that Jews are greedy. This guy goes around telling jokes about Jews being greedy. He is engaging in
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