My Original Plan Was To Create A Manual That Teaches The

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My original plan was to create a manual that teaches the interns and staff how to properly do things with referrals, data entry, scheduling, etc. The purpose was to provide a protocol on how things should be completed by each therapist, and eliminate the possibility of miscommunication. My first approach was to speak with the other interns to address the concerns they had with the trainings they received. I spoke with each intern individually to see how they felt about the training process including pros and cons of their experience. In conclusion, 7 out of 8 interns felt they would have benefitted from more proper training at the beginning of the internship. Many of them felt like it was a disservice to them and a disservice to their…show more content…
If an intern has questions on how to do something, they can refer to the manual. I will include a section at the end with a “frequent asked questions” page to address the common questions that other interns had during the training process. I wanted to speak with the director to discuss data entry, treatment planning, and the psychosocial packet to write the manual precisely how he wants the interns to be trained. My plan was to go over each page in the manual individually with the director so I could get his approval for the project. My hopes were to make a copy of the training manual for the director, supervisor, and the administrative staff so it can be easily accessible for the incoming interns next year. There were two biggest challenges when beginning the project that I did not expect to be as big of an issue: limited time to discuss the manual with my supervisor, and the limited time I had to work on it. The demand for services remained high and my caseload doubled in a span of a few weeks. I was still receiving cases at the end of March, and had little time outside of managing my caseload. The director continued to remain extremely busy, and the meetings we had scheduled were getting cancelled at least twice a month. In the middle of March, the Office of Mental Health decided to do a big audit for the clinic and everything became chaotic. Due to issues with previous staff, many cases were missing significant paperwork and I was

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