My Overall Experience At My First Clinical Placement

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My overall experience during my first clinical placement was very positive, with very welcoming and supportive staff. It was like a dream come true for me supporting patients. Despite all my good and wonderful experience, there a particular incident that stands out which I will reflect on using the Gibbs reflective cycle. On my first day on Placement, my supervising radiographer took me by surprise by asking me to position a patient for a postero-anterior chest x-ray. This radiographer has not been welcoming but harsh and rude to me. I was nervous and extremely careful while working with her. She only responded to inquires after making me repeat myself at least twice. When she suddenly asked me to position a patient, I instantly became nervous and excited. I started talking the patient through the process, while physically positioning the patient with her consent. She shouted at me and shoved me aside, saying “You should stop touching the patient without her consent’’. The patient politely laughed and said, “He already informed me and I am happy with that, take it easy with the student’’. I did apologise to the patient for that misunderstanding and stepped back as she already took over. She neither apologised to me nor to the patient. I felt embarrassed, worthless, ashamed, inadequate and in danger of being humiliated and rejected by the departmental staff. With much shame and embarrassment, I became imprisoned in a feeling of not being wanted and despair. I was
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