My Overall Worthy Score (Essay)

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My overall blocking mean score was 5.76. I scored 2.25 in COSB, 5.75 in CCB, and 6.14 in SSSW. My scores show that I’m too private, I don’t like asking for help from my friends, I’m unsociable, and I don’t follow the rules as I’m instructed to do so. Writing is not really one of my weakest subjects, but I don’t have the confidents in my essays. I tend to write my essays when I’m at home since there’s no one looking over my shoulders to judge my writing. I have a major problem with anyone looking over at my essay, right away I turn into this shy and unconfident girl covering my essay so that way they won’t read it. To me I feel like my essays are not good enough for my classmates or teachers to take a look at. I know I should be open to them
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