My Own Body Is Waging War On Me, And Sleep

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I took a deep breath and counted to three. Something that I found myself doing quite often. When I opened my eyes I saw the blood dripping off my eyelash, avoiding getting into my eye. The skin embedded in my fingernails was my own and it was not the first time. The place where I was supposed to be safe, is the place I feared most; my own head. Due to the wonders of astral projection my own body is waging war on me, and sleep is something that is rare. Every night in my "sleep" I would venture into a new landscape of terror. The characters that have appeared more commonly are the 6 's. They hung on my back, resembling a 6. They have gotten more and more aggressive. I took a glanced at my right arm to see what was burned it in that morning. 28:06:42:12 was the update. The 6 's gave me new numbers just like they do tomorrow They told me that 's when I 'll come to an end. I was told that life is nothing without purpose. So I found one, I need to get rid of the time that burned me every morning. Death is a scary concept, even more so when you have to face it every night and be reminded every morning. Unfortunately, I have grown familiar to that concept. I was not lonely because I was living alone, I was lonely because I was isolated in a second world at night that no one, but one person, could ever understand. That one person was named Naomi. Naomi and Emmet, we were a good match, star crossed friends if you will. Nothing has ever gotten too bad to the point
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