My Own Buying Behaviour Of Being A Conscious Consumer

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Introduction Blackwell et al. (2001) define consumer behaviour as ‘the activities people undertake when obtaining, consuming and disposing of products and services (cited in Blythe, 2013:5). In relation to how consumers obtain and consume products, the aim of the scoping paper is to illustrate my own buying behaviour of being a conscious consumer. The purpose of the paper is to critically examine specific theories which relate to my identity and, therefore, why I make specific purchases. Segmentation VALS framework, identified how I fit into the striver consumer profile (, 2014). Blackwell et al. (2006) outline how strivers are extremely motivated individuals and tend to seek approval from peers and family. Furthermore, they also explain how striver VALS type does not want to succeed in a career, thus being stuck in a less worthy job position. This is incorrect with regards to myself, as I want a career and to be successful. In this context, some of what Blackwell et al. have stated does not reflect me as an individual. Using Shankars’ (2000) method of SPI (Subjective personal introspection), the tool is used to evaluate consumer behaviour. Essentially, SPI can be used to examine ones cognitive dissonance, as well as identifying the emotional factor of which can examine who I am as a buyer and how my purchases reflect on this. Personally, this method seems to widely analyse behaviour, which could potentially be a drawback of SPI and how it
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