My Own Child Ministry At Victorious Life Church

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I evaluated my own kids ministry at Victorious Life Church, I purposely had my intern do the Bible Story and my volunteers take over everything else so I can evaluate our service. But here at my church we are called “VLC Kids”, but the preschool class that I teach is called “Jr Kids Church”, while the older kids are called “Kids Church”. Jr Kids is for the ages four, five, and Kindergarten. While Kids Church takes first grade up to 5th grade. When you first walk in through check-in you are greeted by our check-in team, which usually consists of one staff member, Leigh, and two other volunteers. You can choose to check in with one of them, or you can use a convenient card at another check in computer. The check in process is very quick considering most people have their check in cards. The main reason why someone will go to the check in team is because they are new, or if they do not like technology. As you walk your kids in, they are first greeted by Kids Church volunteers, those volunteers will greet and also make sure the kids are in the right place. If they are not, than they will assist you right down the hallway to Jr Kids Church. From check in, to the room, every parent and their kid is greeted with love and a great warm welcome by the Team Lead. As the parents leave, the Team Lead is sure to place a kid in a “team” semi-randomly, and write their name to put into the SUSAT can. Once that is done, they “pass” the kid to a volunteer that is right there, and they go
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