My Own Cultural And Ethnic Identity

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Using the diagram you developed in class (in response to Exercise 10.7) discuss your own cultural and ethnic identity in terms of your values, beliefs and attitudes. During your discussion you should refer to the theoretical framework provided by either Hofstede or Trompenaars. From the discussion we had during class I was about to find out about how there are some cultural paradoxes between two cultures values, beliefs and attitudes. According to Geert-Hofstede cultural paradoxes can provide us with many answers on how and why people behave differently around the globe. As indicated by Keegan W. J. Culture can be understood as “ways of living, built up by a group of human beings, that are transmitted from one generation to another”. Culture also includes both conscious and unconscious values. The United Kingdom has a large number of mixed cultures from the research I conducted using the theoretical framework provided by Geert-Hofstede for my own cultural, which is British. The United Kingdom is considered to have individualism society with a score of 89 meaning that the people look after their own family interests, rather than a collective one the British are a highly Individualist and private people. All the kids are taught from an early age to think for themselves and to find out what their unique purpose in life is and how they uniquely can contribute to society. As indicated by Geert-Hofstede with a score of 89 the UK is amongst the highest of the Individualist

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