My Own Culture, Race, Ethnicity, And Kinship

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In today’s society, one’s own culture, race, ethnicity, and kinship is an important aspect to describing an individual. This relationship can be effected in terms of physical appearance and social situations within ones everyday life. Throughout my own life, family and kinship has positively influenced my own values and morals. Because of these aspects, I have experienced some stereotypes of my own race. Throughout my life, my family has impacted how I have looked upon my own morals and values. I grew up within my nuclear family around me, including my mother and father. My parents value hard work into every aspect of their own lives. Because of this, I use this as a daily moral and reminder in my own life. I’m also close with my…show more content…
Although some cultures practice arranged marriages and polyandry for different purposes, it is interesting to understand and respect those values of another culture. Through my extended family on my father’s side, the impact of agriculture and landownership has been an impactful aspect of my life. In Jamestown, Ohio, my great grandparents have a farm that produces vegetables and meats that are produced for profit. When I was a child, I visited their farm frequently and learned how to raise pigs for potential meat consumption. This practice was respected and valued within the Jenkins bloodline from my great grandparents to this generation. This is similar to individuals for families in India in the reading by David McCurdy called “Family and Kinship in Village India”. These individuals valued the impact of family-centered landownership within the economic market. Such practices of family farms are like these aspects in India, much like my father’s family bloodline. Both families value the homegrown market economy for potential profit. This similarity is significant in both societies to impact the market for food consumption. When I was a little girl, I naturally learned to be a female who performs feminine norms and jobs. For example, gender socialization was evident when I played with the stereotypical toys that girls would play with. I would play with dolls for hours, not knowing the slightest bit about cars and trucks. Because of my
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