My Own Development From The Perinatal Stage Through Young Adulthood Essay

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Development can be defined as a gradual process of change and differentiation from a simple to a more advanced level of complexity (Mosby, 2010). Human development is a process that is unique to each individual, with many internal and external factors responsible for shaping the characteristics of the individual. In this essay, we shall explore my own development from the perinatal stage through to young adulthood. Focus will be placed on the different domains of change, namely; physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Throughout this essay various theories and concepts will be discussed in relation to my development. Perinatal The perinatal period is an interval extending approximately from conception through to the 28th day after birth (Mosby, 2010). This is a period of rapid development, as well as one of increased tenuousness and susceptibility. Although chromosomal and genetic disorders are the cause of some birth defects, roughly 80 percent of birth defects are caused by environmental factors whilst the foetus is in the womb. Amniotic fluid and the placental barrier protect the foetus from environmental influences. However, agents known as teratogens are able to cross the placental barrier and cause or increase the incidence of physical, behavioural and cognitive defects in children (Martin & Fabes, 2009). Examples of teratogens include alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and pesticides to name a few. Maternal age is another factor, with

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