My Own First Aid Kit

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When I was young, many of the neighborhood kids and I would enjoy playing outside. Whether it was sports, ride bikes, or roller skate, the activities we partook in always involved physical activity and thus, a higher risk of getting hurt. When such an incident occurred, which was quite often, we would at times not be able to do much about it since most of our parents worked. We would rely on them for first aid but when they were gone all of us would not know how to handle such a situation. This always bothered me so I started learning a few ways to treat minor wounds. I began to treat any scrapes or scratches we got from falls or that resulted from any activities we were doing at the time. I eventually purchased my own first-aid kit with my savings at the age of fourteen and would use it on my friends and even my family when needed. From a young age, I developed an interest in providing first aid to people and became very happy when I saw one of my friends or family members recover from minor wounds that I assisted in during the healing process. My sense of fulfillment towards making a positive impact amongst the community brought to light that public health was right for me. Public health is a science and practice that offers protection and ensures that a community has improved health. This is achieved through the use of preventive medicine and controlling communicable diseases. Other measures include providing sanitary measures and health education to the public. As I
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