My Own Home At The Southern Desert Regions Of The United States

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As spring approaches, the citizens of the rural, southwest town I call home prepare empty plots of dirt for gardening. That includes my own home. My mother is a gardening fiend. She plots out her garden months in advance, orders the fertilizer, and preps the tiller, all before the snow has even had a chance to melt. We 've grown everything, from simple squash plants to more complex green bean poles. I have many fond, and not so fond, learning experiences in the gardens of my past. (What are you doing! Don 't pull that up! That 's the cucumber plant, not a weed!) For those who wish to plant a garden for the first time, here are a few tips that will help you get started. Author 's note: All times I 'm listing are for the southwest desert regions of the United States. If you live in another area, get the proper planting times from a local gardener. 1. Get to know the proper planting times In Utah, my state, most vegetables can be planted toward the end of May. You can plant earlier, but extra care will need to be given. Most plants must be placed in walls of water to keep plants from freezing if planted prior to June. Wall of water conserve the heat, keeping the plant safe from temperature below 32 degrees. 2. Fertilize the garden prior to planting Fertilizers can be commercial chemicals or simple animal manure. Whatever you choose is fine, but manure tends to be cheaper and more easily obtained. Fertilizer adds nutrients to the soil, ensuring that vegetables will
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