My Own Model Or Guideline I Learned At The University Of Nevada, Las Vegas ( Unlv )

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My own model is crafted from another model or guideline I learned about in my undergraduate program here at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). It involved eight steps and resonated with me because it was very simple, yet very effective. I have frequently used these steps in my two jobs outside of school as a PSR/BST worker in the community and as a graduate assistant at the PRACTICE. The first and easiest step I use is identifying the problem(s). The second step is to identify and brainstorm the potential issues involved. Third, would be looking at the ethical code or any guidelines that may be involved. Fourth, is to consider any laws and regulations involved. The fifth guideline is to seek any consultation or supervision if it is possible at that time. Sixth, is to brainstorm possible courses of action alone or with a supervisor or if unsure with a supervisor. Seventh, is to enumerate the consequences of the various decisions or on other words look at the pros and cons of this decision. And the eighth and final guideline, is to come to a final decision by taking the best course of action at that time. I believe that this model is a good starting point for moving towards and developing my own hermeneutic model. Looking further into my current model I will describe an ethical situation that occurred recently at the PRACTICE and use my favorite model to describe each step involved. The situation began with a client who walked into my job at the
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