My Own Version Of La Mestiza Consciousness

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My Own Version of La Mestiza Consciousness Whenever I am asked to describe where I grew up, I always find this difficult for me to answer. Simply because, I have lived in five different locations, spanning three different continents, all before the age of seventeen. As a result of growing up in a military-oriented lifestyle, the concept of constantly moving around was nothing new to me. Rather than view it as a shortcoming, I grew fond of the idea of moving to somewhere new—to a location where I have yet to explore and integrate myself into. Thus, due to my exposure to a multitude of cultures and individuals from all walks of life, this has affected how I move through the world’s space. In this paper, I will be discussing how the following concepts of my subject position: my ethnicity, culture, and identity as child of a retired U.S. Airman reflect Gloria Anzaldúa’s discussion of la mestiza. Since both of my parents are Filipino, I identify as the ethnicity of Filipina. Although, I did not have the opportunity to grow up in the Philippines, as opposed to my parents, the majority of the Filipino customs were instilled to me within our household. Within this space, my parents spoke their native tongue, Tagalog, so it was not uncommon to hear a blending of English and Tagalog on a daily basis. Additionally, there are specific customs derived from the predominately enriched blending of Catholic and various other Asian cultures that my parents both grew up with that reflect my

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