My Papa Waltz Analysis

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“My Papa Waltz,” was a poem written by Theodore Roethke. Theodore Roethke grew up in Saginaw, Michigan where most of his work was influenced from. Theodore Roethke was known mainly for having a complicated relationship with his father. He was also known for admiring Ralph Waldo’s work. His father died from cancer, which is said to be the reason he suffered from severe depression. As seen in “My Papa Waltz, “this poem has many literary devices such as diction, imagery, and figurative language.
This poem was descriptive, yet simple. But every verse had meaning behind it. The poem has 16 lines that’s broken into 4 stanzas. (Poetry Foundation.) This poem also has a rhyme scheme and the rhythm is an iambic pentameter, meaning it has a five-beat rhythm of the pattern. Some verses in this poem are slightly negative yet also positive at the same time.
Diction is the choice and use of words, and phrases in speech and writing. We can tell in the poem that Theodore used specific diction to paint the meaning of his story. The diction Theodore uses makes it also clear, as to what is going on. Such as, when Theodore says he was “hung on” to his father you would think he like hung on, as in he held tight to his father, but Theodore quickly changes the tone to “death. (3)” This is used throughout the whole poem you would think Theodore is spending a great time with his father, but then it’s turned into something negative. The diction throughout the whole poem is very emotional but the
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