My Papa's Waltz Poem Analysis

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“Let Us Dance, Let Us Dance, Let Us Dance,” is a musical phrase from the Drama/Romance movie Shall We Dance? This phrase from this movie helps describe “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, which is about a young boy and his father moving around the house to “waltz” the young boy to bed. This poem has a lot of controversial feelings from different readers. Many readers believe it is about an abusive father, but if a reader looks at the situation from the eyes of the child, he or she would see it more about how much a son loves his father. Roethke uses persona, theme, and stanza to create the feeling of how much love a young boy holds for his father. Persona in poetry is how the character is taken on by the poet, and in “My Papa’s Waltz,” the young boy is the author Roethke, himself. A reader could suggest this since in the Literature for Composition textbook states, “Many of Roethke’s best poems are lyrical memories of his childhood. (“Theodore Roethke” 1023). Also, more evidence to believe this is because the authors of Poetry Foundations wrote, “Roethke announced, ‘intention to use himself as the material for his art’” (“Theodore Roethke: 1908”). In the poem itself, the words I, my, me, your, you, and we are used throughout the poem, which helps prove that this is Roethke as a child. When reading this poem through the child’s eye, a reader can feel that this child loves his father and cherishes the night-time routine with his father.
The theme of this poem explains
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