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Sex addicts come from dysfunctional families and 90 % of them suffer emotional abuse, 70% physical abuse, and 81% sexual abuse (Miller, 2005). This paper will give a summary on the form of sex addiction. In addition, this will discuss the addiction, sex addiction behaviors, and the treatment. What is sex addiction? Sex addiction is when an individual has strong intense sex desires. A person that’s addicted to sex has repeated sex thoughts and the sex thoughts make it impossible to function normally. The sex thoughts overpower a person wellbeing which makes it hard to engage in healthy relationships. Sex addicts suffer from distorted thinking which leads to justifying and rationalizing his or her behaviors (Herkov, 2012). In…show more content…
Furthermore, a great deal of sex addicts deal with self-esteem issues. The self-esteem issue drives him or her to sexual behaviors to begin fulfillment to meet the hurts and pain for life. Sex addicts use sexual behaviors to escape depression and to avoid dealing with unbearable situations (Celebrate Recovery, 2006). What are the behaviors of a sex addict? Each sex addict has different behaviors that torment his or her life. The behaviors include: computer or phone sex, compulsive masturbation, use of prostitutes or prostitution, several affairs, unsafe sex, and rape or molestation (Herkov, 2012). In addition, some addicts behaviors involve viewing prostitutes have sexual intercourse or even watching strippers perform. This sexual behavior is called voyeurism. Another name for prostitution is called escort services. Furthermore, the more a sex addict admits their powerless, then the behaviors will decrease. Treatment is vital to heal the person with a sex addition. To seek treatment, the addict must come to grips and admit there is a problem. To free the sex addict, the addicts must discover what lead him or her to the addiction. Discovering the root cause is the first step to freedom over sex addiction. Once the addict can find the roots cause then the healing process will begin. Sex addicts treatment focus on controlling the behaviors and helping establish a healthy sexual life (Herkov, 2012).
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