My Paper On Job Life

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Life is often eventful and it is hard to understand. Even when your life seems amazing for a moment, it can escalate fast. Terrible things happen to everyone, even those who don’t seem to deserve it. It is hard to stay positive and focus on God in these moments because the pain can outweigh the prize. I decided to do my paper on Job because I find Job 's life similar to mine. There is times in my life that I don’t understand what God is doing, times I 've asked what I 've done to deserve the suffering and the weight of catastrophes in life. Job is inspirational in these moments because he encourages the understanding that God 's power is so great, no person can justify his ways. Job taught me to trust God despite what we think is…show more content…
I let my teenage angst get the best of me sometimes and call them "the worst", and sometimes, even today, I don’t understand why they’ve told me "no". However, they are still my parents and no matter if I think they are right or wrong, they will always have authority over me and I have to respect that. In the Zondervan bible study of Job, Garland talks about Job 's first responses to God 's questionings. David Garland writes, "He was 'of small account ' that is, he had by his actions manifested an attitude which was contemptible."(Garland,97) Job had an attitude that’s similar to our when we don’t understand what God is doing in our lives. He felt like a coward the moment that he gave up but he also used that moment when he was feeling low to let God speak to him. Job recognized God had all authority and Job had to listen. In this passage, Job taught us to listen to the Lord despite our hurt or our belief that something is possible. This means that we have to trust in the Lord that his will for our lives will be done. Because we have to trust Gods authority over our lives, we also have to trust God 's love for our lives. In the book, How to read Job, the authors write, "One of the ways we trust God 's wisdom is by refraining from inquiring why God did such a thing to us, or why he allowed it to happen."(Walton, 136) The first step to knowing that God loves us is to not get caught up in the pain of our suffering,
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