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Acquisition Planning Assignment (Student Version) INSTRUCTIONS: Using the information from the SH 0-2 BSVD Program Overview, your answers to the Day 1 questions in the SH 0-1 Daily Assignment Book, knowledge gained in previous DAU courses, and the appropriate FAR/DFARs references, answer the Acquisition Planning Questions below as they pertain to the Bio-Sensor Virus Detector (BSVD) program. This initial lesson introduces the concept of acquisition planning and the decisions that take place during the strategy-making process. Most questions elicit a thorough explanation of the rationale for the response you provide. It is important to recognize that different responses to the same question may be appropriate depending on the…show more content…
Provide your responses in grammatically correct and complete sentence structure; your instructor has discretion to withhold up to 1 point of credit per question -- for a total of up to 4 points -- for failure to do so. Acquisition Planning Questions [pic] 1. Market Research & Commercial Item Use - 7 points total a. FAR Part 10 requires agencies to use market research results to identify whether a commercial item exists to meet agency needs. According to FAR Part 10, if no such commercial item exists, what steps must the agency next take to meet its requirements? (3 points) • FAR 10.002(c) states that agencies shall reevaluate the need in accordance with 10.001(a)(3)(ii) and determine whether the need can be restated (modified) to permit commercial or nondevelopmental items to satisfy the agency’s needs. • FAR Part 12 will not be used and a notice to perspective offerors that the Government does not intend to use Part 12 for the acquisition. b. According to the Commerciality Determination Report written for the BSVD program, the required biosensor is not readily available in the commercial marketplace. Analyze the report and identify four areas where either the market research does not adequately address the requirements of FAR Part 10 or the thoroughness of documentation is lacking to support its conclusions. (1 point for each identified area

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