My Parent 's First Male Child

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I am my parent’s first male child but I do have two older sisters this makes me the third and the first male child. I was born in a small village on the coast of The Republic of the Gambia called “Gunjur Village” on the Atlantic Ocean. A house less than a mile from the Beach. Growing up in a small village where everyone knows each other, life was easier unlike urban life, people live like family, your neighbors are involved and supportive to each other and a great emphasis was attached to children’s respecting those that are older than them and those of their parents counterparts or age mates are treated with utmost respect as you will your parents. Every child will have to go greet the male head of every family clan in the morning for prayers. This male head of the family can be your uncle, grandfather or whomever is considered the head of the family clan all this to show respect and recognition that they are alive and they matter and their prayers help they will pray for you by rubbing their hand on top of your head asking God to continue to bless you your entire life.
I am so happy that my parents are remarried. There is no better life than to see your parents working out things that has always been affecting their lives in regards to differences in many aspects of their lives. When parents compromised and agreed to live together after divorce for their own benefit and for the interest of their young children, those parents should be praised. Single parenting has adverse…
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