My Parents And Grandparents Are From Nigeria

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My parents and grandparents are from Nigeria. I was born and raised in Nigeria. After my father died in the year 2000, I was only eight years. Two years’ later, my mother emigrated into the United States. she brought my siblings and myself five years after she came to America. The socioeconomic status of my family is middle class, all my siblings are self-sufficient and my mother is a stayed home hair stylist. Prior to my siblings and myself, my parents ended their education in sixth grade. Therefore, they emphasized education to us because they did not have an opportunity to afford education. My grandparents were underprivileged and in Nigeria, you could not go to school without money. School was a priority in our family but ever since…show more content…
I do not mumble intentionally but because in America, mumbling signifies disbeliefs in your thoughts. This may show that you are not sincere. I totally understand the concept. The culture in America wants us to be bold and confident when you speak. This makes you trustworthy and authentic. I need to work on projecting my voice and put more efforts in any words that comes out of my mouth. This problem may have been perceives when my preceptor has difficulty understanding what I say. Therefore, projecting my voice is a conscious decision I will work on. I experience some stereotype while I was at my rotations. Some patients when they ask me from I am from, they assumed I am from Africa. They assumed we do not speak English, and the patients are surprised how I can carry a conversation with them. My perception has changed with this experience because it is in human nature for us to have preconceived notion about anyone, based on the color of their skin and how they talk and interact. This experience will allow me to change my attitudes into accepting other cultures and building a bridge with other cultures because the act will enable me to be well rounded in all my daily activities. I will also be relatable to individuals who different from my culture. It all about respect. America is a melting pot of various areas of life, it is imperative we
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