My Parents Compare And Contrast Essay

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A few of the characters find out that they are alike their parents by many ways. Me and my mom share a connection just like that. We look alike, we act the same and everyone seems to know this. At times it is a great connection, others it is not good at all. It plays a big role in our relationship. A big effect it makes is in arguments. My mom tells me and my sisters about how she acted when she was younger. She tells me about how responsible she was, when she was younger. The one thing that she never tells us is that she is sensitive, and very dramatic. I know that I am dramatic, because one year for valentine's day I got a heart of candy saying drama queen. My older sister points out that when me and my mom stub our toes we both fall to the ground and say “owwwwwww” and as my sisters says we make it way bigger deal than we should have. Another reason is that we cry at any item that is sad like movies, books, stories. Even when a part is somewhat sad we cry. We are dramatic and sensitive but it can be good ,because then she can understand when I am upset or sad. It also works the other way around.…show more content…
Just like my mom we can be very sassy or have a hot temper. Cassie gets mad when people treat her worse than the whites. The same goes for my family. When people treat me disrespectfully, I get mad and I want to tell them otherwise, but I have learned to keep my temper and be nice to them. Uncle Hammer reminds me of my dad. My dad has the hot temper in our family. That is where I get my temper. All of my family members get angry when people accuse us of doing what we did not do. My dad, my mom, and I can either get along very well or we can be mad at each
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